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Denver Partner Casie Collignon to Speak on Panel With Colorado Court of Appeals Judge Regarding Class Action Evidentiary Trends

In late 2011, the Colorado Supreme Court issued four seminal class action cases: Jackson v. Unocal Corp., 262 P.3d 874 (Colo. 2011), BP America Production Co. v. Patterson, 263 P.3d 103 (Colo. 2011), Garcia v. Medved Chevrolet Inc., 263 P.3d 92 (Colo. 2011), and State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co. v. Reyher, 266 P.3d 383 … Continue Reading

Colorado Supreme Court Asks: Where’s the Beef?

Plaintiffs repeatedly, and sometimes successfully, urge class certification after painting a pretty picture of liability with little or no attention whatsoever to the details of the actual evidence that both sides will present at trial.  However, the Colorado Supreme Court recently issued four cases on the same day that asked both parties: where’s the evidence? Here … Continue Reading